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Promising Excellence in Everything I Do

Hi, my name is Katrina Bowles. I have been a proud member of the hair industry for over 20 years. I became a hairstylist in 1995 in the amazing New York City, where I grew up. I worked there for 10 years doing the hair of men and women from a variety of ethnic backgrounds, before moving to beautiful Charlotte, NC. 

I became a hairstylist because of my love of hair and all it's possibilities, the whole creative aspect and the ability to change someones day, mood or outlook with a simple change of style using the gifts i was given.

I am currently pursuing a certification in Trichology that will enable me to to help people who suffer from hair loss. Through this study I have been able to better educate my clients on how to best maintain healthy hair and avoid the things that can cause hair and scalp issues.

I take extreme pride in ensuring my clients have and maintain healthy hair. I treasure when they see results from the hair care plans we've created together. Theses plans include suggestions from me regarding the best approach for their specific hair care needs, including specialized conditioning treatments designed to resolve current hair issues, a planned schedule for future maintenance and treatments etc., with several different styling options to choose from for their best look. If you're ready to invest in a stylist who wants to invest in you...

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