Treatment Salon COVID 19 Policies and Procedures


Effective immediately, Treatment Salon has implemented the following policies and procedures (P&P).

All clients are required to acknowledge the receipt of these policies and procedures by signature to have services performed.

​ When scheduling an appointment online, make sure that P&P is signed prior to booking. The signed form will be added to client files upon receipt and verified prior to appointment. Any scheduled appointment not accompanied by signed P&P forms will be canceled and rescheduled.

For appointments canceled outside of cancellation window or failure to adhere to salon P&P requirements, any credit card information used to make said appointments will be utilized by the salon to enforce cancellation fees. Pre- COVID 19 cancellation policies apply.


​Here is what you can expect:

​ALL clients will be asked to wear masks.*

Please make sure to have one with you, preferably disposable, as salon services may cause damage to reusable masks. Treatment Salon cannot guarantee masks will be available on sight.

​Upon arrival to the salon, you will notify your stylist by text that you have arrived. Your stylist will acknowledge your arrival and text you when it is OK to enter. This will give your stylist the time needed to ensure that the salon space is properly cleaned and sanitized prior to your arrival.

For your safety and convenience, Treatment Salon will be implementing some contact-less payment features in order to limit the amount of contact necessary for payments. You will have the option to prepay, have an invoice sent to you, use ApplePay/Android Pay or Cashapp. For those that prefer to still use their card, the card reader will be sanitized after every client.

The salon, at the beginning and end of each day as well as in between each client, will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized including, all seating, dryers, hair-washing and styling stations.

Your stylist will wear state board recommended PPE while conducting your service. Treatment Salon is dedicated to ensuring the safety of our clients. We are following recommendations from the NC Board of Cosmetic Arts and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

These policies and procedures are subject to change.


I have agreed to receive a salon service from Treatment Salon. I understand that before any service may be performed, I must agree to the following:

To cancel/reschedule my appointment within 24 hours if I am not feeling well for any reason, or if I have been exposed to anyone that has tested positive to the coronavirus in the past 14 days, or if I have any reason to believe that I have or have had the coronavirus within the last 14 days.

To wear a mask while in the salon.*


To agree to any and all charges that are charged by Treatment Salon for failing to sign this waiver or failing to timely cancel/reschedule my appointment or for any no calls/no shows.


Due to the complexity of this virus and recommendations to stay home by medical professionals and the Centers for Disease control, Treatment Salon will be taking every precaution possible to protect clients and stylist from possible exposure to COVID 19. Therefore, Treatment Salon will not be held responsible for possible exposure.

By signing below, you are acknowledging that you have read and are in agreement with

the policies, procedures and waiver

Thanks, See you Soon!!