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Trichology Services

What is Trichology?

Trichology is the para-medical science of the hair, hair loss and associated scalp problems. It encompasses the study of the diseases of the human hair and scalp, as well as the assessment of the cause(s) and treatment of these disorders.


Hair Loss

Hair loss can range from minor to severe and is often caused by more than one problem. In fact, there are typically several factors that can affect the hair cycle simultaneously.  For you to get the most out of your hair loss treatment, it is important to first identify the possible causes  of your specific hair loss issue.  

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Scalp Conditions

Most common scalp problems seen by a trichologist are:

Dandruff - Triggered by yeast on the scalp and is usually characterized by diffuse loose white flaking.

Seborrheic dermatitis -  a common skin disorder affecting mainly the scalp, eyebrows, sides of the nose, and behind the ears. Typically characterized by yellow flaking and some skin redness.

Psoriasis - is typically bright pink, very inflamed skin covered in thick silvery scales. It is usually characterized by severe itching and bleeding when scratched.

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Assessment and Treatment of hair loss and scalp issues requires consultation, identification, treatment, support and most of all patience. 

The Trichology consultation at Treatment Salon consists of using a scope to take images of the effected area(s), taking a full case history, specifically honing in on health, diet, stress, genetics, lifestyle, hairstyling and environmental influences on your hair and scalp. Since hair loss can have various causes treating the condition effectively requires a a variety of approaches. Therefore, suggestions of  the most up-to-date treatment combinations as well as advise on how best to improve your condition will be provided.